Watson takes home green jacket for second time in three years

Congratulations to Bubba Watson for winning the 2014 Masters as he shot a 69 on the final round to win this years masters at -8 under. Watson finished the tournament at 280.

Does anybody hate replay as much as I do? Not only does it take away from the game there is no guarantee that the officials involved are going to get the call right after looking at it under slow motion. What a joke.

The regular NBA season comes to a close on Wednesday evening and we look forward to the playoffs starting on Saturday, April 19th. Some final placings up for grabs as well as seedings, home court advantage. Who would have thunk it?

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Another week closer to KY Derby, no major changes for us

Will 2014 find the three-year-old to end the drought?

Here is our list of the top-five three-year-old contenders to do just that as seen through the binoculars of our own Eddie the Hat.

The 2014 run for the roses begins right here for the first Saturday in May!

1: California Chrome, G1 $1,000,000 Santa Anita Derby

2: Samraat, G1 $1,000,000 Wood Memorial

3: Wicked Strong, G1 $1,000,000 Wood Memorial

4: Hoppertunity, G1 $1,000,000 Santa Anita Derby

Social Inclusion, G1 $1,000,000 Wood Memorial

6: Candy Boy, G1 $1,000,000 Santa Anita Derby

7: Cairo Prince, G1 $1,000,000 Florida Derby

8: Danza, G1 $1,000,000 Arkansas Derby

Rumors have it Fairplex Park giving 2014 racing dates to Los Alamitos

There are unconfirmed rumors swirling around that Fairplex Park will not conduct live horse racing this year at the Los Angeles County Fair and will give the racing dates to Los Alamitos. If this is indeed true, this is truly a blow to horse racing in Southern California as another historical track will stop holding horse racing during the summer.

Fairplex Park has always been one of our favorite race tracks and should this turn out to be true we ourselves will be saddened to see them close the doors to horse racing. As of the publishing of our blog, there has not be an official release confirming this rumor so we will have to watch and wait just like everyone else into this matter. We are sure that if this turns out to be true, Fairplex Park will indeed remain open as a simulcast facility during the L.A. County Fair.

Taking nothing away from Los Alamitos which is a quality horse racing facility, we will simply miss Fairplex Park and the memories that it has brought to us over the years.

With the powers to be running horse racing in Southern California and the decisions being made we are getting a very uneasy feeling about the future of horse racing in California.

Stormy Lucy turned in a nice win in Sunday's $150,000 GIII Santa Barbara Handicap under Rafael Bejarano and the Ed Moger trained five-year-old mare by Stormy Atlantic has now won two races in a roll going back to he stylish win in the Grade II Santa Ana. Look for her to be seen again soon should she exit her most recent win in good shape. This was her first start for Moger since replacing trainer Frank Lucarelli who saddled Stormy Lucy for her win in the Santa Ana.

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Congrats to UCONN for winning it all Monday night; Replay sucks

Getting +3 was a no brainer last night. Hell we couldn't land on the side so when we checked the lines and saw we could get +3 points on UCONN we jumped on it. We really thought that this game would be decided on whoever had the ball last and could very well be a final of two points, maybe a push on a last second three-pointer. UCONN won the game outright 60-54 and yes the game really was that close. Sure UCONN put some distance between themselves and Kentucky a few times but each time Kentucky battled back and showed the guts and grit that got them there. Shabazz Napier was voted the MVP and why not. He played like the star that he is and led his team to the win. Can't wait until next season to see how Kentucky develops over the summer. Young team with the education and experience they got this year they could be a powerhouse next season if the players come back and don't fall to the NBA draft which would be a huge mistake for the Kentucky players.

Does anybody else hate instant replay as much as I do? Sure I understand that the right call needs to be made but how far do we really want to go? The umps and refs are just as much apart of the game as the players and coaches. Taking the time to review plays not only takes away from the flow of the game but it's like giving both teams an extra time out to draw up plays. Besides, half the time the right call still isn't being made when replay is put into play. It's a bad joke to me that really needs to simply be put away and forgot about.

A few gripes. Why has it become the norm now to have a concert before or during every big sporting event now? Is it to justify the high price of the tickets that half the country can't afford now anyway or a feeble attempt to draw the young crowd into the stadium. I would wager that half of them don't have a clue as to what's going on during the sporting event so I suppose have them there in attendance smoking their weed during the concert doesn't hurt that much anyways. Who says second hand smoke is bad for you?

Seems like the new go to injury this season is "calf strain" for the MLB players. Last season it was the oblique now it's the calf. Wow.

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Boy was I ever wrong about California Chrome. Big time.

It's Monday morning and I admit it. I was wrong this past Saturday with California Chrome. It's not like I didn't like him, or think he wasn't good enough to win on Saturday. I just wasn't ready to give him a plane ride to Churchill Downs is all. I thought his prior wins were impressive no doubt and I thought that he was indeed a "very nice" horse. But the way he won on Saturday left me a little blushed in the Santa Anita pressbox when he crushed my choice Hoppertunity and Candy Boy. While I haven't given up on either of those two, I have to say that California Chrome bullied his way to the front of the line with a stylish win over those two. Perhaps one could say that maybe this wasn't the strongest Santa Anita Derby field but I am now ready to book him that flight to Kentucky the first Saturday in May.

Will 2014 find the three-year-old to end the drought?

Here is our list of the top-five three-year-old contenders to do just that as seen through the binoculars of our own Eddie the Hat.

The 2014 run for the roses begins right here for the first Saturday in May!

1: California Chrome, G1 $1,000,000 Santa Anita Derby

2: Samraat, G1 $1,000,000 Wood Memorial

3: Wicked Strong, G1 $1,000,000 Wood Memorial

4: Hoppertunity, G1 $1,000,000 Santa Anita Derby

Social Inclusion, G1 $1,000,000 Wood Memorial

5: Candy Boy, G1 $1,000,000 Santa Anita Derby

Santa Anita Derby Saturday will answer some questions

As is always the case the upcoming Santa Anita Derby this Saturday is sure to answer some questions as to who will carry the hopes of California into the Kentucky Derby the first Saturday in May. More on Saturday's Santa Anita Derby when entries are drawn on Wednesday.

If you were one of the unlucky trackers that wagered on Mank in Friday's first race you had to feel jobbed. The John Shirreffs trained five-year-old son of Pulpit should have been unsaddled following a brutal trip under Corey Nakatani. The five-year-old maiden should earn his maiden diploma next time out with a better trip.

Moone's My Name took down the $75,000-added American Beauty under Victor Espinoza for trainer John Sadler who is now red hot hitting at a solid 18% win rate for the meeting. The now six-year-old mare returned $10.80 to her backers and should be heard from again soon coming off this race.

The GIII $100,000 Tokyo City Cup was won by Majestic Harbor at $13.60 under Tyler Baze for trainer Sean McCarthy. The six-year-old by Rockport Harbor took down the cup from his outside box. Blueskiesnrainbows never look happy today and turned in a dull effort at 2/1. Both the winner and 'Rainbows should be heard from again before long.

Sunday's $75,000-added Santana Mile was taken by the heavy race favorite Fury Kapcori at $3.80 for trainer Jerry Hollendorfer under Rafael Bejarano. The four-year-old colt by Tiznow should be brought back again soon judging by the way he pulled up following the win.

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Another week closer to the first Saturday in May

Will 2014 find the three-year-old to end the drought?

Here is our list of the top-five three-year-old contenders to do just that as seen through the binoculars of our own Eddie the Hat.

The 2014 run for the roses begins right here for the first Saturday in May!

1: Candy Boy, GII $200,000 Robert B. Lewis

2: Cairo Prince, GII $400,000 Holy Bull

3: Samraat, GIII $500,000 Gotham Stakes

4: California Chrome, GII $300,000 San Felipe Stakes

5: Tapiture, GII $600,000 Rebel Stakes

Honorable mention ...

Hoppertunity, Bayern, Strong Mandate, Top Billing, Conquest Titan, Tap It Rich

It's time. The madness has begun. March madness that is!

Okay folks. Roughly 24 hours to go before it all begins. The steps toward the final four! As brackets get filled out by professionals and or rookies, good luck to all the teams, players and coaching staffs that will be participating in this truly awesome time of year! The NCAA Tournament!

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Drama unfolds Saturday at Santa Anita. Just another day

We all saw it coming in the pressbox on Saturday. High atop the grandstand, in the unusual high temperatures a race was just run. The horses were being led back to the barn area after the conclusion of the 6th race to get cooled out and get their baths. On most days this ritual is done with little fanfare. Sure, sometimes a handicapper will follow a horse through his binoculars to see how he or she is walking back to the barn after said handicapper lost some "bankroll" on this beast. Must be some explanation as to why the horse ran so poorly, right?

But on Saturday it was different. I heard it as I poured over the past performances for the upcoming 7th race. "Hey, were going to lose one." I looked up just in time to see the three-year-old filly Ann's Gold #8 (Harlan's Holiday-Dina Gold) starting to "tie up." Sometimes, when a horse becomes in distress from the heat, or suffers heatstroke they will tie up and suffer what us humans call "vertigo." They will become disorientated and can fall or want to simply lay down until they get their bearings corrected. This may be fine for us humans, but not good for our four legged horse friends. Sometimes they will kick back, swish their tails and show other signs of being in distress and grooms and handlers can often correct this situation with a quick hose down of the horse or a few buckets of water tossed over the horses head or neck area. This will often be enough to cool down the horse and get him to the barn area where they can be attended to. But Ann's Gold wanted nothing of this and she decided to go down right in front of the grandstand to the horror of the fans in attendance.

Problem was that she didn't just lay down. When she went down, she partially rolled under the outer railing which was quite dangerous. It was obvious that when she got back to her feet, there was a good chance that she could hit her head or her back, hind area and cause further injury to herself. So the drama begins.

The vet was on the scene quickly to administer first aid. Several members of the starting gate crew sprinted across the track to help keep the filly down and calm. Even the trainer, Jack Carava and the owner were by her side. Both were visibly upset at what was taking place. At one point, you could see the owner turn away as to not want to see what was happening to his filly.

Next to arrive was the maintenance crew. They began to saw through the stainless steel railing and disassemble it so that when the filly got back to her feet there would be nothing to hinder her standing back up. However when the horse ambulance arrived and the staff began placing up the "green curtain" things didn't seem to be so routine anymore and the outcome looked to become a bad one.

The green curtain. This isn't usually a good sign. When the green curtain is put up, it's usually put in place when a horse has to be euthanize right away and keeps the public from seeing this ugly side of the industry. When the staff from the horse ambulance began unfolding the curtain several pressbox regulars began to think that perhaps the situation was more serious and that the filly had been lost on the track due to more serious complications.

Now one can only speculate as to why the curtain was put in place as it was never confirmed. My feelings on this was to keep the filly calm and to keep the public away from filming and taking pictures on their cell phones. Obscuring the view perhaps helped the filly remain calm and also kept the crowd from growing along the rail. Security did their best to keep the public at a safe distance as well.

It seemed like hours as they worked on her. Several people (starting gate crew) and the vet were kneeling alongside of her in what appeared to be to comfort her and keep her down to prevent injury. Once the maintenance crew had cut the rail above her it seemed like another few minutes passed. It was at that point that the equine ambulance crew then sprung into action as they placed what appeared to be rubber mats leading away from the scene. Again, I speculate that this was to give the filly better traction to regain her footing as the water used to keep her standing before she went down had made the area quite muddy.

During all of this it was quite funny to see the writers and handicappers in the pressbox begin to show their true colors as they began to show emotion and concern that Ann's Gold would indeed get back to her feet. During the entire episode you could hear comments and words of encouragement to not only the horse but to the people involved in getting her back to her feet. I won't mention names here as to protect the callous reputation that several have but I was one that was rooting for this filly.

Then it happened. Ann's Gold jumped to her feet and began to trot back with her groom to her barn. The crowd erupted in applause and cheers and I heard a loud "yes" from the pressbox!

Now having been covering horse racing and attending the races since I was a pup I have seen a lot. Some good and some bad. But nothing quite like this. What was impressive to me was the way this situation was handled. No frantic behavior. Everyone seemed to know what to do and knew what their role or place was. When the situation was over, the gate crew simply walked back to the gate for the next race, the vet closed up his black bag and got back into his truck and drove off. The equine ambulance thankfully rolled up the nasty green curtain and went back to the backside area. Trainer Jack Carava and the horse owner walked back to the grandstand to what may have been the cocktail lounge.

Just another day at the office. Yeah right. Kudos for a job well done people. I know that Ann's
Gold appreciated everyone's efforts as did I.

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Even the freebie plays can suffer bad beats

Players that follow our free plays on the web page and on twitter can also be treated to the occasional bad beat just like the regular plays we offer.

Such was the case on Thursday and on Friday when both of our free selections hit the wall at crucial times to seemingly cost us wins on both.

On Thursday, we released the #731 Oklahoma State game and got what we felt was a very generous +3 1/2 at tip. The Cowboys took it to the wire but when Kansas missed a tip in at the end of regulation to win the game by 2, we sank in our seat as we knew that the shorthanded Cowboys wouldn't be able to stay with Kansas for another five minutes and were correct as Kansas ran away from Oklahoma State to cover by 7 in a 77-70 overtime win.

On Friday we released #831 Ohio State and gave -6 to #832 Nebraska. The line had been pushed up by the sharpies and well it should have been with the opening spread at Ohio State -4. When the Cornhuskers opened up a 18 point second half lead it seemed that State wasn't even going to win the game. But the gritty guts and determination behind solid defense and the simple fact that Nebraska choked saw Ohio State roar back and actually win the game by four, 71-67. This game did see the potential late for State to cover, however they flattened out some late to fall short.

Back to the drawing board for some good weekend hoop action.

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